Friday, 5 December 2008

Margaret's itinerary

This page will contain a list of places I went to.

For starters, the bare bones:

London - Copenhagen (overnight in airport) - Kangerlussuaq (transfer) - Nuuk (4 nights) - coastal ferry (4 nights) landing at: Sisimiut - Aasiaat - Ilulissat - Aasiaat - Sisimiut - Nuuk - Qaqortoq (3 nights) - Nanortalik (7 nights) - Narsarssuaq (4 nights) - Copenhagen (overnight in airport) - London
Flights were with Sterling Air (defunct the month after I returned) and Air Greenland.
More details:
  • To London by National Express coach.
  • Flew from Gatwick (home of the charter airlines).
  • Decided ahead of time to spend the night in Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport, due to late arrival time / early morning departure.
  • Flew Air Greenland to Kangerlussuaq. Nuuk, although the capital, does not have enough flat land for an airstrip large enough to accommodate jumbo jets, so international flights arrive at Kangerlussuaq, a former US air base at the head of a long fjord about an hour's flight north of Nuuk. My transfer to Dash-7 plane lasted less than an hour.
  • Arrived at Nuuk airport a little after noon and caught the city bus to the tourist information centre, near the colonial harbour. Got a booking for a bed and breakfast in one of the suburbs, and ended up getting a lift there in the tourist office pickup truck. Four nights in Nuuk. Activities included walking, forward trip planning, bus tour, visiting Nuuk's beaches, cemeteries, harbours, shopping, cafes, arts centre. Oh, and photography!
  • Taxi to harbour to catch AUL coastal ferry. 4 nights on ferry in couchette (4 beds in shared room).
more to come...

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