Thursday, 26 February 2009

A radio programme of interest to those who love the Arctic

Photo of Pete Abraham, copyright BBC, 2009.

This is nothing to do with my trip to Greenland, but the polar community is closely linked, from Greenland to Spitsbergen, from Kamchatka to Alaska. And I have recently enjoyed a radio documentary exploring the life and landscape of one man's life in remote Alaska.

BBC Radio 4's programme 'A Life With...' has recently completed a series on 'Tundra'. Presenter Grant Sonnex seems to have a genuine admiration for the Yupik way of life, if he sometimes seems unable to overcome his own cultural prejudices where Arctic attitudes to animals are concerned, in a way that seems unlikely had the programme been produced by the CBC. Nevertheless, Sonnex gives plenty of space for Pete Abraham to speak about his childhood memories of the traditional way of life.

For the next six days, you can listen to the programme at the BBC Radio 4 website.

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