Friday, 13 March 2009

What (Not) to Wear in Greenland

Approaching Paamiut, warmly dressed!

what I wore

  • thermal ski trousers
  • quick-dry thin trousers
  • puffa down jacket with a fake fur outer
  • ski mittens
  • fleece gloves
  • wool and cashmere knit beret purchased in Shetland
  • low-cut hiking boots (no ankle support)
  • long sleeved cotton tops by day, cotton t-shirts by night
  • thick cotton socks
  • sealskin insoles purchased in Nuuk
  • fleece
  • Buffalo sleeping bag

what I packed (and didn't use much or at all)

  • mosquito repellent (fortunately, it was too late in the season!)
  • thermal trousers (except on the deck of the coastal ferry)
  • thinly padded reflective camping mat (used in Copenhagen airport)
  • bivvy bag (thank God I didn't have to do emergency camping!)
  • camp stove without gas canister (what was I thinking? that I would cook outdoors?)
  • head torch (flashlight) (loaned by the same person who loaned bivvy bag and stove)
  • compass (but wouldn't have gone hiking without it)
  • mobile phone (used as alarm clock, but not for calls. The saga of telephones in Greenland deserves its own page.)

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